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Tejano BMX Trails is a BMX dirt jumping spot located in Pflugerville, Texas created (hand built) & maintained 100% by volunteer labor. The trails provide options for riders of all skill levels.



Started over 15 years ago. There have been several phases of growth over the years and different groups of volunteers who helped build Tejano BMX Trails. BMX trails are always a huge group effort. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped to maintain and create Tejano BMX Trails. We are currently focused on finishing Pepper's Kessel Run, landscaping/beautification of the trails, safety, sustainability, public awareness and inclusion of diversity.


The Tejano BMX Trails / jumps have been 100% volunteer built by hand and shovel with no heavy equipment or assistance from the City. We are lucky for slight elevation and diverse topography for unique BMX lines. Incorporating the natural environment and working to protect the diverse mix of vegetation and wildlife help make the trails feel like BMX trails should, an integral part of the natural environment.

tejano bmx trails Derek heyn -pic courtesy of 26rollingshutter on flickr

Safety & Trail Rules

If you are unfamilair with BMX trails, we kindly provide tips and advice so you can be safe, informed & aware of BMX trail ettiqutte.


The nature of this sport is inherently dangerous, please be safe. Watch what is going on. The trails flow in a certain direction, don't go against the flow. Please stay out of the way of other riders. The old saying is; "The rider in the air has the right of way"! This is especially important for kids, parents, & families. We build jumps for riders of all sizes and skills, don't exceed your limits. We watch out for kids and rookies by providing advice and support.

tejano bmx trails


  • Ride at your own Risk
  • Safety Equipment Highly Recommended
  • No Unattended Children
  • No Dogs off Leash
  • No firearms, bb guns, airsoft or paintball
  • No motorized vehicles by City Oridance:
  • No RC CARS or drones
  • No motorcycles, pit bikes, mopeds
  • No electric scooters

tejano bmx trails


Respect the hard work it took to build the place you are enjoying for free. Respect the land. Be nice and friendly to others. Appreciate the years and years of work it has taken to build Tejano BMX Trails by hand. Respect the local volunteers. Respect those who dug here before you.

tejano bmx trails


We don't ask that you dig or donate. However, if you spend alot of time at the trails we ask that you give back to the thing you love. There are other ways to show your trail support than with a shovel. You can just tell us we are doing a good job, shake our hands, a pat on the back. Please visit our Support area.

tejano bmx trails


  • No Litter / Trash / Basura
  • Do Not Ride in the Mud
  • Do Not Destroy any Jumps / Vegetation / Trees
  • Follow the direction of the trails, don't go the wrong way
  • Do not climb on the jumps or stand in the lines/trails
  • Please sweep dust into the lips and landings then water before your ride
  • If you un-tarp to ride, please re-tarp when you leave or come back to re-tarp later.
  • Jumps are tarped to control erosion

tejano bmx trails


  • If you are new to Tejano BMX Trails and want to help dig, ask a local for advice first.
  • Never tear down an existing jump, berm, roller, obstacle or project - have respect for other people’s hard work.
  • Never steal dirt from one jump to fix another.
  • Finish any digging project you start or don’t start.
  • Make sure the dirt you are using to maintain/build jumps has similar moisture content.
  • Don’t stack dirt on trees – it’s not healthy for the trees.
  • Put the tools up when you are through working each day.
  • Don’t dig holes in unsafe areas of the park.
  • Don’t start a new jump/line without getting group support.

tejano bmx trails

Kid's Pump Track courtesy of @26rollingshutter

Kid's Pump Track

Little trails for little kids

Blue - The OG Trail Dog - RIP courtesy of @26rollingshutter


The OG Trail Dog - RIP

Kid Friendly courtesy of @26rollingshutter

Kid Friendly

Supporting local youth

Tejano BMX Trails Eric


Blue's Hip Whip



OG Volunteer

Tejano BMX Trails Morgan


Blue's Berm

Tejano BMX Trails Sean Paul

Sean Paul

Blue's Step Up

Tejano BMX Trails Pump track

Pump Track

Kids Area

Tejano BMX Trails Desmond


Blue's Step Up

Tejano BMX Trails rocco

Rocco Tire Grab

BLue's Hip

Todd Moon one foot X-up at Tejano BMX Trails 2011

MOON - circa 2011

1 Foot X-UP

Tejano BMX Trails Gerald M


Blue's Hip Griz

Tejano BMX Trails marty


BLue's Hip

Tejano BMX Trails main line

Main Line

Clicked: Rick Crossman
Photo: @MJWeintritt

Tejano BMX Trails Johnny

Johnny - 1 foot tobogan

Main Line

Trails / Lines

Tejano BMX Trails has diverse trails / lines for riders of all skill levels. Most of the lines share the same starting and ending points.


Please support Tejano BMX Trails!


Sign our online petition for the preseravtion of Tejano BMX Trails. Strong community support demonstrates the beneficial work of volunteer efforts to the City.


Come join one of our monthly trail maintenance days. Learnhow to build and maintain BMX jumps. It's great exercise and a lot of fun.


Please purchase Tejano BMX Trails shirts, stickers and schwag online from EMPIRE BMX. Profits go directly to support the trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, all bicycles are welcomed but the trails are designed for jumping. A BMX or downhill bike is best suited for the trails. Please NO RC cars/trucks, drones or motorcycles/pit bikes.

  • Yes, we encourage kids and beginners and have built a pump track for kids/beginners. We strive to ensure safety and recommend safety gear. Please watch out for other riders and stay out of the lines if you are not riding them. An old guideline: "The rider in the air has the right of way!"

  • Thanks for asking! Yes you can:

  • The city is aware of the trails but has had very minimal involvement. The Mayor and City Council unanimously support Tejano BMX Trails! The trails have been created and maintained 100% by volunteer labor with zero cost to tax payers. Entirely hand built by shovels and sweat with no machinery. Brent Sterriker (RIP) and several other volunteers helped start Tejano BMX Trails over 10 years ago.

  • If you're new to Tejano BMX Trails and /or working on BMX jumps, talk to the local diggers before attempting to work on a jump or line. If you have experience building / working on BMX jumps, don’t change existing jumps or start a new jump/line without talking to the locals/team/non-profit group and getting group support. Trails are a group effort and communication, concensus and collaboration makes everything better.

    General Guidelines:
    • Never tear down an existing jump, berm or roller - have respect for other people’s hard work.
    • Never steal dirt from one jump to fix another – don’t cannibalize.
    • Finish any digging project you start or don’t start.
    • Pack the dirt you throw before you leave, if not- it dries up and is unpackable.
    • Make sure the dirt has similar moisture content, dry dirt doesn’t stick to wet dirt and vice versa.
    • Don’t stack dirt on trees – Urban Forestry Service doesn’t like it and it’s not healthy for the trees.
    • Put the tools up when you are through working each day. Clean up after yourself.
    • We have a lots jumps that need love, let’s get all the existing jumps running before we worry about changing existing jumps or building more jumps.
    • Don’t dig holes in bad places; no pot holes, tiger traps or unsafe pits. If you dig a big hole next to a line people can wreck into and get hurt. Rather, create transfers between lines not giant holes that serve no purpose.

  • Pflugerville, Texas. There is no physical address but the trails are off Pecan St. In riding distance between both skateparks hidden in the woods off the hike and bike trail. BMX trails are meant to be hidden in the woods, off the beaten path. With a little exploring you will be rewarded, if you still can't find it just send us an email at tejanobmxtrails@gmail.com


In loving memory of volunteers/riders who have passed on.

Brent Sterriker

1/25/1991 – 4/9/2020 Obituary
Brent was one of the original founders of Tejano BMX trails. He dedicated his life to BMX. He was an easy going, positive person. A huge influence in the BMX race community but also an avid trail rider.
GoFundMe for Brent's son

Pepper Goertz

10/9/1973 - 5/22/2018 Obituary
Pepper was a digging machine. He made his return to BMX in Austin after not riding since his youth in Victoria, Tx. He found a renewed passion in building trails. He started digging at 9th Street BMX, moved to RedBox then Walnut Pump Track and ended up calling Tejano BMX Trails home. Pepper was straight forward, strong willed, opinionated and above all honest. He was a perfectionist with a shovel and was known to dig in the dark. The dirt he scraped off his shovel is more than most people have thrown at the trails they ride.



Pflugerville, Texas 78660