Preserving Tejano BMX Trails in Pflugerville, Texas


Tejano BMX Trails have been a highly embraced BMX dirt jumping spot located in Pflugerville, Texas for over 12 years. Created (hand built) & maintained 100% by volunteer labor at zero cost to the taxpayers. The city has been aware of the trails and volunteer efforts since 2009.

The trails provide options for riders of all skill levels. The trails / volunteers encourage & promote; safety, diversity, volunteerism, healthy living and community engagement for all.

Justifications for Preservation

  1. Minimal taxpayer dollars spent on this community asset
  2. Encourages, promotes and develops volunteerism - instilling community pride
  3. Trails / jumps / features for all ages and skills - 100% inclusive
  4. Incredibly unique organic volunteer movement
  5. Actively develops community engagement
  6. Promotes healthy active living
  7. Low cost sport / youth activity
  8. Promotes and encourages diversity & inclusivity - BMX for all
  9. Park activation of unusable/undeveloped property
  10. A community treasure for over 12 years
  11. Over 2000 signatures of community support
  12. No fill brought onsite to create the trails / jumps
  13. No machinery used to build the jumps / trails, all manual labor by volunteers using shovels
  14. The Tejano BMX Trails volunteer group are in the process of becoming an official 501c Non-Profit group
  15. Injury liability is cover by the same city ordiance that covers the skateparks, no injury lawsuits in 12 years. Onsite signage states: Ride at own risk, Safety equipment recommended
  16. Volunteers have a proven succesful model of city partnership with overwhelming municipal and community support at 9th Street BMX overcoming very similar concerns

Preservation Presentation Materials


Please support Tejano BMX Trails!


Sign our online petition for the preseravtion of Tejano BMX Trails. Strong community support demonstrates the beneficial work of volunteer efforts to the City.



Pflugerville, Texas 78660